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Work at your own pace. Do not do any anything that causes you pain. Pay close attention to your knees and back. If you find that you are in pain during or after class, please notify the instructor immediately. If you have any preexisting conditions or if you are pregnant, consult with your doctor before attending classes.

class attire

  • • Please wear clothing appropriate for a dance class such as dance/yoga pants, stretch pants, leggings, leotards, unitards and tights, sports bra or close-fitting tank tops or t-shirts.
  • • Tighter clothes help the instructor see knee and back position to:
  •     . . . to ensure proper execution of the movements.
  •     . . . to correct your form and prevent injury.
  • • No jeans, skirts, baggy clothes, street clothes or sweat suits since the instructor needs to see knee and lower back position.
  • • A costume is not necessary.

foot wearsandals

  • • Bare feet or ballet/jazz shoes/dance slippers or on carpeted floors, socks.
  • • Please no black-soled, street or hard-soled shoes as these may mar flooring.

hip scarfhip belt

  • • Highly recommended to help see hip movements.
  • • May use a standard scarf, shawl or evening wrap to tie around your hip.
  • • Instructor will have recommendations for purchasing a coined hip scarf.

veil pink veil

  • • Not required for beginner students, check with instructor prior to class.
  • • To make your own, purchase approximately 3 yards x 45 inches of chiffon, silk, or lightweight, flowing fabric. Hemmed fabric is recommended for chiffon, or cut with pinking shears to reduce unraveling. Silk veils do not require hems.
  • • No beads please.
  • • Instructor will have recommendations regarding where to purchase veils.

finger cymbals (zills or sagat) zills

  • • Not required for beginner students, but eventually will need to acquire a set of finger cymbals (zills).
  • • Instructor will have recommendations for purchasing finger cymbals.

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